Module 8: Arkeoloji ve Bilim
Module Developer: E. Alagöz& I. Druc
Educative Projects:
1. Applying for a permit
2. Present how to decipher the past
3. Role-play a tour guide


Main Videos

Film 1: Interview: Orkan Koyağasioğlu (7'56'') Here video

Film 2: Interview: Sevil Gülçür (5'53'') Here video

Film 3: Interview: Asuman Türkmenoğlu (10'27'') Here video

Film 4: Yazılıkaya (6'16") Here video

Film 5: Çatalhöyük 1 (9'29") Here video

Film 6: Çatalhöyük 2 (6'48") Here video

Film 7: Aizanai Hikayesi (23'13'') Here video

Film 8: Efes (2'52'') Here video

Additional media materials

Film 1: Bergama Small video Large video

PPT 1: Science in Archaeology PowerPoint

PPT 2: Visit the Past PowerPoint


Video 1: Postpositional Phrases I

  • Dative Complemets Here
  • Ablative Complements Here

Video 2: Postpositional Phrases II Here

MUSIC: Turkish Folk Music

Excerpts taken from 'Mozaik' Program
Used with permission of Flash TV