The Team

Project Director and Principal Investigator:

Francois Victor Tochon, UW-Madison, USA


Isabelle C. Druc, UW-Madison, USA, Project Coordinator
Celile E. Ökten, Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey
A. Cendel Karaman, METU, Ankara, Turkey


Esra Alagöz, UW-Madison, USA
Mukaddes Şahin, UW-Madison, USA
Yasin Tunç, UW-Madison, USA


Erika Gilson, Princeton University, USA
Anna Oldfield, Hamilton University, USA

Theory, Technology & Contributions:

Conceptualization of the Deep Approach, instructional organization,
modules' theoretical conceptualization, forum and supervision: François Victor Tochon

Editing, general coordination and supervision,
video production and editing, and media director: Isabelle C. Druc

Grammar Curriculum: Celile E. Ökten

Modules’ supervision and
evaluation of implementation: François Victor Tochon, A. Cendel Karaman and Celile E. Ökten

Grammar video storytelling: Akile Zorlu Durukan, Mukaddes Şahin

Website manager: Esra Alagöz

Web development and graphic design: Beth Atkinson, WCER and Esra Alagöz

Video conversion: David Marcou, WCER

Multimedia Language Assistant (MMLA) manager: Yasin Tunç

Help with some of the transcriptions: Ayşegül Mester and Mukaddes Şahin


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