Project Summaries


Module 1: A Turkish Treasure: Hazelnut / Türkiye'nin Hazinesi: Fındık
1) Writing a process essay about how to make a hazelnut dish
Module 2: Historical and Cultural Heritage/ Tarihsel ve Kültürel Miras
1) Presentation of a historical/cultural site in Turkey
Module 3: Fortune-telling / Falcılık
1) Performing a coffee-reading (or a similar fortune telling) session
Module 4: Radio Conversations / Radyo Sohbetleri
1) Preparing and recording a radio show


Module 1: Youth / Gençlik
1) Reportage on youth in Turkey
Shoot a video on one's interests, hobbies, career plans, etc.
2) Learning about youth's challenges
Write a paragraph to a magazine that aims to provide solutions to problems of the youth in Turkey.
Module 2: Comics and Cartoons / Karikatür ve Mizah
1) Storytelling and role playing
Write a pastiche of a Nasreddin Hoca story; act out one tale.
2) Research and create a scenario
Create a scenario inspired from Nasreddin Hoca's life and spiritual shticks.
Module 3: Love and Family / Aşk ve Aile
1) Cross-cultural analysis of family and social life
Compare and find connections between two cultures in terms of family activities.
2) Study identity formation in a Turkish family
Write an alternate ending to a movie using keywords.
3) From dating to marriage: Prepare your list!
Role-play a wedding planner and create a to-do list for pre-wedding and wedding necessities.
Module 4: Advertisement / Reklam
1) Prepare a poster comparing new and old advertisements
2) Shoot a video introducing a product using new advertisement strategies
Module 5: Turkish Cuisine and Culture / Türk Mutfağı ve Mutfak Kültürü
1) Explore Turkish eating habits
Identify Turkish eating habits and compare them with your own
2) Share and enact your knowledge of types of food in Turkey
Present or prepare a type of food/drink/dessert
Module 6: Music and Musicians / Müzik ve Müzisyenler
1) Explore the music, symbols and life of Hürrem Sultan
Watch a video and orally explain vocabulary to a peer
2) Prepare and present a short Turkish folk dance show
Module 7: Health / Sağlık
1) Exploring the health system in Turkey
Create a mind map depicting the advantages/disadvantages of public vs. private Turkish hospitals.
2) Debating ideas on folk medicine and folk practitioners
Module 8: Turkish Cinema / Türk Sineması
1) Research on film genres
2) Dubbing a movie clip
Module 9: Environmental Activism / Çevre Eylemciliği
1) Becoming environmentally active
Construct conversations in relation with the theme.
2) Creating, rehearsing and performing a satirical sketch
Study each significant character in the movie of Manisa Tarzanı, write a sketch and perform it.
Module 10: Professional Biographies / Mesleki Özgeçmişler
1)The World-Renowned Scientist Project
Gather texts, images, and videos on a world‐renowned scientist, and write a letter and a biography.
2)Discussion forum and informative speech focusing on work experiences
Organize a discussion forum and an informative speech focusing on work experiences
Module 11: Cities in Turkey / Türkiye'deki Şehirler
1) The double life of Istanbul
Prepare a poster presentation of Istanbul
2) The multicultural Turkish city
Conduct an interview (or a multimedia conference) with a Turkish person about her place of birth
Module 12: Carpet Culture: In Turkey and Beyond/ Halıcılık: Türkiye ve Ötesinde
1) Explore the world of a carpet dealer
2) Inquire into 'oriental' carpets and their history
3) Bargaining and buying carpets at the bazaar


Module 1: Şairler ve Siyaset / Poets and Politics
1) Research and debate Roni Margulies' views and socio-political stances
2) Enact action poetry
3) Internet Inquiry
Module 2: Türk El Sanatları / Turkish Craftsmanship
1) Explore Turkish crochet and needle lace symbols
2) Debate the modernization of traditional crafts
3) Prepare an advertisement for a traditional craft
Module 3: Kadınlar / Women
1) Research and write about important women's lives
2) Analyze critically the representation of women in the media
Module 4: Filmler ve Aktörler / Movies and Actors
1) Write a movie critique and discuss it
Write a critique for the movie clips from Sürü and Bekçiler Kralı, (or one of your own choice) and discuss it.
2) Introduce a recent movie
3) Act out a short scene from one of Shakespeare's plays in Turkish
Module 5: Görsel Sanatlar / Visual Arts
1) Inquire about Minyatür and Ebru
2) Brainstorm cultural perceptions conveyed through photographs
3) Reflect and dialogue about sculpture
Module 6: Türk Edebiyatı / Turkish Literature
1) Reflect on Turkish literature
Debate over "art for art's sake" or "art for society" and discuss the role and position of female writers and female characters.
2) Introduce a book and write an informative essay on use of pseudonyms in literature
Module 7: Din ve Felsefe / Religion and Phylosophy
1) Philosophical and religious inquiry on Turkish-Islamic thought
2) Inquire into Sufism and the Mawlawi order
3) Debating multiculturalism
Module 8: Arkeoloji ve Bilim / Archaeology and Science
1) Applying for a permit in Turkey: Write a letter and fill out forms
2) Present how science helps decipher the past
3) Role‐play a tour guide and present a touristic site
Module 9: Osmanlı Mimarisi ve Moder Mimari / Ottoman and Modern Architecture
1) Study Topkapı Palace and arrange a trip to an architectural building
2) Explore the domains of modern architecture and conduct an interview
Module 10: Halk Öyküleri ve Efsaneler / Folk tales and Myths
1) Storytelling a cultural myth
2) Prepare and present a shadow puppet show
3) Write a comparative analysis of two love stories
Module 11: Tarih / History
1) Organizing a fieldtrip to historical places
2) Exploring history from several perspectives
Module 12: Türkiye'de Kimlik ve Milliyetçilik / Identity and Nationalism in Turkey
1) Exploring identity, segregation and resistance
Write a story based on a movie you will see in the classroom
2) Explore nationalism and Kurdish issue
Prepare flashcards to define key terms such as `nationalism` and create an utopian society.
Module 13: Türkçe ve Azeri Arasında Köprüler Kurmak
1) Explore Azerbaijani
2) Poetry in motion
3) The life of a 20th century ashiq