DATTL Video 3. Organizing Deep Projects

Despite reductionist tendencies, a goal-directed educational model does not exclude all aspirations of self-fulfillment; but its possibilities for integrating self-directions appear minimal because of the anticipation-of-results process. Its technology was claimed to have a neutral purpose. As a result, divergent schools of thought in education have appropriated the model and defined goal-directed standards. They can be applied to a framework that is student-centered, group-centered, or knowledge-based. At one extreme lies programmed instruction that presupposes complete understanding of the learning processes; here, the student's and teacher's freedom of choice is highly limited. Conversely, an unrestrained socio-pedagogical approach may reflect a libertarian conception of the learner as an autonomous decision-maker. Between these poles lies a third, non-exclusive way – of defining flexible, feasible projects that would reconcile the curriculum goals with the subjective needs and intentions of the student.
Organizing Deep Projects